supercharge your syndication efforts

We can help you market your Real Estate Offering to seasoned investors looking to invest in: 

  • new developments
  • adaptive-reuse
  • value-adds in core asset classes



Building your real estate investment network by using time-saving tools like targeted landing pages, social media, search engine advertising, and email marketing.


Targeted ads executed by finding prospects that are geographically near the sponsor and nurturing them through an online (and then in-person) relationship makes them more predisposed to invest.


We build up-to-date content, following SEO best practices, and adjust your ad creative regularly based on sound data insights from our campaign learnings.

digital marketing experts & data nerds


Your:Strategists is a boutique marketing firm located in Jacksonville, FL. We have seasoned experts on our team in design, data science, content, PR, media placements, and ad optimization. We create strategies and build tried (and constantly tested) web-based marketing funnels that are fully integrated with traditional marketing tactics like branding, storytelling, and conversational copywriting to convey authentic massages that will win over more investors for your syndicated real estate investment opportunity. We focus on relavance. That is— finding potential investors that are specifically searching for an opportunity like yours that is near them.

franchisor support for targeting investors


I've trusted this team with many franchise location marketing intiatives and campaigns within my restaurant group at Sidy Sant. They've covered everything with very little need for direction. They're excellent at facilitating collaboration and uniting my internal team to work together and accomplish great things. If you're looking to generate awarness and end-to-end interest and conversions for your real estate properties or business assets, Your:Strategists will help you dream big and do bigger!


COO Edible Brands & Founder of Sidy Sant Holding, LLC

potential investors are everywhere, but we find the low hanging fruit


High Annual Income

Passive real estate investing is a major draw to high income earners that have little time to spend becoming overly involved in their investments. They are not professionals in real estate, they do not "make deals," and they are seeking safe and sound opportunities.

Physicians, lawyers, and many other professionals are prime investors that fall into this segment. 

Networth >$1 Million

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate.

These investors have often tasted the returns of active and passive real estate investments and they're hungry to find opportunities that fit within their portfolio. — interested in passive investements, but want to be treated with a white glove, as an active participant. 

Security Groups

Interest in stock and mutual fund investing has fallen to its lowest level since 2012. Real estate’s popularity has not waned; it has been the most favored investment since 2013.

Many mutual funds or finance group are taking measures to diversify thier portfolios with passive real estate investments. 

Matchmaking by Target Profile

Primarily, we look for matches in location, budget/spend history, and psychographic style preferences.

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